The Ivory Coast and more generally Africa is in full expansion, in full development. There are more and more entrepreneurs and traditional financial services are struggling to adapt to their needs. The microfinance sector can and must take an even stronger place in the African financial sector. Our expertise, our fine knowledge of the entrepreneurial fabric must allow us to serve an ever larger number of clients. Advans also sees strong opportunities for innovation in Africa with the advent of digital finance and all that technology brings as opportunities for the development of financial inclusion. Finally, and beyond the objectives of commercial development, our Group is animated by a social mission, and at this level, you will agree with me that there is still much to be done on the continent.


What are the different activities of the Advans group in Africa?


Advans Group is the leading microfinance group in its market. In more than ten years of existence, the group has nine institutions and banks around the world including 6 in Africa: Cameroon, Ghana, DR Congo, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Tunisia. The mission of all the subsidiaries of the group is the same. Our role is to respond to the financial services needs of small businesses and other economic agents who have inadequate, limited or no access to traditional financial services, offering them financial services in a sustainable and responsible manner. Advans subsidiaries in Africa offer a wide range of financial services including credit products, deposit products, microinsurance products, and digital finance services. These products and services are distributed through our network by more than 2700 employees and also by alternative distribution networks (network of partner agents, telephone operators, electronic wallets …). We serve nearly 350,000 customers in Africa and we plan to double that number in the coming years.


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