Chengdu and Silicon Valley to build technology and finance center

Chengdu and Silicon Valley to build technology and finance center

CHENGDU, March 27 (Xinhua) – Silicon Valley and Chengdu City (Southwest) will create a technology and finance center in Chengdu, local authorities said on Tuesday.


A project signing ceremony was held on Tuesday in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province. Management consulting firm Himgroup Holding, Inc., the Silicon Valley Group of Cities (Mountain View, Menlo Park and Dublin) and the Administrative Committee of Chengdu High Tech Zone signed this memorandum.


A total of US $ 30 million will be invested to build the Chengdu-Silicon Valley Technology and Finance Center, which is expected to begin operations this year.


The new center will enhance Chengdu-Silicon Valley’s cooperation in artificial intelligence, computer technologies, medicines and technology, and finance, as well as integrate innovative international resources.


The center will provide services covering technological transformation, financial services and free trade.


The center is expected to boost exchanges between Chengdu and Silicon Valley in terms of capital and talent, and promote the globalization of small and medium-sized enterprises on both sides.


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