Developing software for farmers, «is meeting concrete needs thanks to advanced technologies

The software publisher therefore offers multiple services tailored to the needs of operators and associated trades such as administrative or accounting. The particularity of this sector is indeed based on the notions of partnership between different actors: farmers, accountants, agricultural cooperatives, farmers …


«The trades, skills and activities are extremely varied. We must meet each of these requirements, explains Yohan Glowacki. The farmer who is in his field can not necessarily do his accounting, so he uses professionals in this field, who are people with very specific needs. For example, the developer mentions accountants who use online entries. «That is, they only use the keyboard and type at a phenomenal speed,» said Yoahn Glowacki. If the application does not follow behind, that it is not performing, it is a failure for us. »


«Languages ​​at the forefront of what is being done»


It’s been 10 years since Yoahn Glowacki works at Isagri. After three months of training, the developer joined his position 7 years ago before becoming a team manager. «For a first job acquired right out of school, I feel that my evolution within Isagri has been relatively fast,» he smiles. I was quickly given responsibilities that I did not think I had, I was trusted and it allowed me from year to year to do much more complex things. »


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