High-tech sector promotes social innovation

Spacious premises with relaxation areas. A great autonomy in the organization of its agenda. Time granted to participate in humanitarian actions. Three high-tech companies testify

  • Dell Technologies promotes teleworking.

Full or partial telework is a reality at Dell Technologies. Whether they work on the sites of Montpellier (Hérault) or Bezons (Val-d’Oise), the French employees of the American group have the possibility

to choose the number of days per week during which they work outside the walls of the company. «35% of our 2,200 employees use telework,» explains Pierre Joly, director of human resources

from Dell Technologies France, which aims to reach the goal of 50% of teleworking employees in 2020. The information technology solution provider encourages its customers to follow its example. «I sometimes accompany sales people to customers to explain how our organizations work. In terms of telework, the brake is not technological but often cultural «, observes Pierre Joly. To encourage the development of telecommuting, Dell Technologies employees have the opportunity to share their experience and offer social innovation content by participating in national, regional and international working groups. One of them, Conexus, is dedicated to improving working conditions in the company.


  • Web-Atrio lets its employees set wages.

The employees of the digital service company set the salary of their colleagues. For two years, a small committee of three employees has been determining the increases of each of the company’s 60 developers. «The initiative is part of an employee. We have established a grid to deal objectively with the increases, «explains Rémi Gaubert, who co-founded Web-Atrio in 2012. The overall increase envelope is set by the committee. It is then submitted to the founders of the company. «We simply check that the amount is consistent with our financial capabilities. The members of the committee are trained in the subtleties of gross salary and salary and employer costs. We have not recorded any inconsistencies until today, «says Rémi Gaubert. In order for employees to understand the rules of the game, Web-Atrio executives practice transparency. «Each year, we explain our results, growth, hires and necessary investments. This is not simple information to assimilate, especially for our youngest employees «, testifies Rémi Gaubert. To develop the culture of management in the company, a new member replaces each year a member of the committee in charge of the revaluation of wages.

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