Real development challenges

Today, Yohan Glowacki’s project is a bit peculiar: «We are on a transversal project, our customers are actually the other projects that deliver the final products. The developer is working on technologies such as C #, WCS, SQL, Visual Studio etc. «Languages ​​that are at the forefront of what it is currently doing. »

Real development challenges


The biggest challenge of his team was to set up the seizures framework. He explains: «When you enter a form and begin to make changes, a backup system will be put in place for additions and deletions of data. We also added behavioral input components to help the person. It was a big piece, we spent several hundred days developing it. »


The developer is also working on components called the data grid. This is a data grid «a bit like Excel» with a very rich and complex behavior to allow projects to meet the needs of their client.


Yohan Glowacki’s projects are therefore as numerous as they are stimulating. If the field of agriculture does not fundamentally change the essence of his work, the developer notes however that it is an extremely rich sector, endowed with numerous technological stakes. Many things are yet to be created in agriculture, and digital will have a big place in the future years.


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