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Ideas received sometimes have a hard life. While many continue to imagine agriculture as a technologically rustic sector, the reality is quite different. Drones, robotics, or even simply management software or monitoring, the digital settles permanently in farms. Meeting with Yohan Glowacki, developer at Isagri, software publisher.


Digital makes farmers’ work easier


Digital technology can thus meet many of the issues specific to the agricultural sector. Production, the management of the farm, the yield … There are a lot of solutions to propose to facilitate the work of the producers. «We need to deliver reliable, high-performance applications that meet the needs of farmers,» says Yohan Glowaki. The key word of Isagri is customer loyalty. It requires software that is perfectly adapted to their activities. »


Respect for the legislation in force is also a major problem «especially in the agricultural sector where there are very precise monitoring for animal husbandry, for plots, for applied products etc.» complete the developer. There is also machinery (installation of GPS on board tractors) and if the legislation allowed, we could even mop these vehicles in the fields which would reduce the daily tasks of the operator. So there are real technological issues. The world of computers and agriculture are far from being antithetical.


An increasingly connected agriculture


The developers understand it. They are now trying to anticipate the place of digital in agricultural plots. If the needs are precise, the objective remains very similar to other sectors: a stronger automation of the tasks. «We all dream of spending less energy on difficult tasks in order to be more effective on other missions. One can imagine for example a camera installed in the stable, which is able to alert the operator when one of his cows will give birth for example. »


The monitoring of the weather is also essential in these trades. The Meteus connected station developed by Isagri allows farmers to be very reactive about their harvest, the treatments they must give depending on the weather at time T and forecasts.

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